Zachary Byron Helm (pyrotech_c3h8) wrote in fancymice,
Zachary Byron Helm


Sorry if you are seeing this as a repost, trying to cover my bases and get info quickly.

Ok, so my girlfriend adopted some mice (3 of them) a while back, all females. A male accidentally got into the group and today, we have baby mice.

That's all well and good, but our excitement was interrupted when one of the babies got eaten. I'm new to the pregnant rodent then and because I am running between the rooms trying to make sure no more baby mice get eaten I don't have time to search out faqs and go on a treasure hunt for answers so please excuse my lack of proper research but I am going to ask some questions here in the need of a quick answer.

Mice eating babies...WTFF? Seriously having a hard time getting over this one, WHY!? Why do they do that and how do we prevent it? I separated the mouse that was doing it, but I can't tell if it is one of the mothers or not, or if more than one mouse gave birth so what is my next step? Advice?

The other general question, I have cared for rodents for a long time but this is the first pregnancy I have ever dealt with, advice? Pointers? Anything you guys have would be welcome. Thanks -Zachary
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