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Hi - New Member! [ 31 01 12 10:37 am ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello! I'm Kris and I just joined. I have two female mice, Taurus and Capricorn. I have one male mouse, Scorpio. I had mice many years ago I adopted from a reputable breeder but she has since moved. My friend's little brother wanted to return his male mouse to the snake shop so I decided I'd take him in. I tossed the kritter keeper and used an old tank. I had an old 29 gallon tank from when I had a betta and decided to buy two females from Petsmart.

I think one of my mice may be preggers but I doubt it. She's from Petsmart and they only sell females. It might be because she's overweight from the diet they were giving her - lots of sunflower seeds. I've switched them to a high quality gerbil/hamster food.

I love them! Capricorn looks like a Siamese and Scorpio is a fawn colored mouse!

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He found it!!! [ 04 01 12 07:43 pm ]


My fun winter photo for a contest!
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Well one more member here!!! [ 31 12 11 07:28 pm ]

Hello Everyone! I am a member of mouselovers and fancymicebreeders so these will often be double posts...sorry!
PHOTOS!Collapse )

Come see my colors!!


Anddd another litter. [ 22 01 11 12:31 pm ]

So I've changed the aims of my little breeding project I've had going for a while. Before I was focusing on both chocolate tan & black tan banded merles, but as luck would have it I obtained a fluke-colored doe from a friend who had gotten mice from me and bred them. This doe was PEW colored (though I am unsure of her exact genotype) but carried merle genes. I bred her into my black & chocolate mice and next thing I knew, I had both champagne tan and dove tan merles! Anyways, now I am working on those in both banded and unmarked, and this is my very first litter of entirely pink eyed (PE) mice!

There are 3 does and 1 buck. One doe is champagne tan banded merle, another just champagne tan merle, the other a strange silvery color. I am undecided if she is dove, or silver, or some other random color just now popping up. The buck looks to be a dove tan merle.

On to the pictures.Collapse )

x-posted, sorry if you see it a few times.

Potential new mouse owner! [ 27 12 10 07:23 pm ]

I'm thinking about getting mice, sometime late 2011 or early 2012; I want to have my financial situation and living situation figured out completely before I get into that. But I want to do research and pick out exactly what I'm getting for them. The right kind of cage, bedding, toys, food, bedding, etc.

A background on my pet experience: I grew up with a dog and a cat. I've been keeping fish for about four years now. I had two cats, but they were taken away from me, for reasons beyond my control (this is especially why I want to get my situation figured out before I get mice). I also have a juvenile bearded dragon.

So a few questions:

1) What sort of cage is best? I've examined the stuff at my local Petsmarts, but I don't like the way they look. Can I use, say, a reptile terrarium? Could I make my own? What should I make it out of -- wire? Wire mesh? Glass?
2) Do they need lighting over their tank, or are they good with ambient light?
3) How similar is mouse cage lining to kitty litter, in terms of maintenance?
4) How much do mice like to climb? Should I take that into consideration when picking out a cage?
5) What is the right thing to feed them? Websites seem to vary a lot on that. What sort of bowl should it be presented in?
6) Most importantly, what are the best resources for doing more research? Books, websites, etc. I want to know what can be trusted and what can't be.
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Something cute. [ 26 12 10 09:37 pm ]

I no longer have my meeces (both are at the Bridge now), but I saw this and thought of this com.

Funny Wedding Photos - Of Mice and Marriage
see more Wedinator

Merry Christmas. [ 25 12 10 11:43 am ]

Merry Christmas from my current litter of fat, healthy babies.


Hope everyone's mice have been doing great. No one posts here anymore, come on guys. Post some pictures! Or is there a more active community I need to know about....?

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CRAP! BABY MICE! NO FREAKING TIME! [ 05 07 10 06:57 pm ]

Sorry if you are seeing this as a repost, trying to cover my bases and get info quickly.

Ok, so my girlfriend adopted some mice (3 of them) a while back, all females. A male accidentally got into the group and today, we have baby mice.

That's all well and good, but our excitement was interrupted when one of the babies got eaten. I'm new to the pregnant rodent then and because I am running between the rooms trying to make sure no more baby mice get eaten I don't have time to search out faqs and go on a treasure hunt for answers so please excuse my lack of proper research but I am going to ask some questions here in the need of a quick answer.

Mice eating babies...WTFF? Seriously having a hard time getting over this one, WHY!? Why do they do that and how do we prevent it? I separated the mouse that was doing it, but I can't tell if it is one of the mothers or not, or if more than one mouse gave birth so what is my next step? Advice?

The other general question, I have cared for rodents for a long time but this is the first pregnancy I have ever dealt with, advice? Pointers? Anything you guys have would be welcome. Thanks -Zachary
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Yet another litter. [ 05 07 10 04:02 pm ]


The top 2 are bucks, the bottom one is a doe. They look to be a black tan merle, chocolate tan overmarked banded merle, black tan OM banded merle (doe). Photo taken 7-5-2010.


edit: removed something potentially offensive.

Picture heavy merle litter update. [ 20 06 10 01:00 am ]

They just opened their eyes today, but these pictures are 2 days old.


Annnndddd more babies...Collapse )

This litter's stats were:
-4 male 4 female
-3 black merle fox (1 doe 2 bucks)
-1 chocolate fox merle doe
-2 chocolate fox banded (1 doe 1 buck)
-2 chocolate fox merle banded (1 doe 1 buck)
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New merle & banded litter. [ 09 06 10 11:33 pm ]

From a black fox (overmarked) banded merle buck x chocolate fox doe.

Looks like some overmarked bandeds in both black/merle and chocolate/merle, some black merles, and possibly a solid chocolate merle. Surprisingly, most are girls =D


More babies!Collapse )

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Merle litter. [ 07 04 10 11:58 am ]

Hey everyone, these are my 4 bubs I kept from my most recent litter. They are 4 weeks 2 days in these pictures. Enjoy!

Click here for the pictures.Collapse )

x-posted, sorry if you see this more than once!

Rip Death Cyborg :'( [ 08 02 10 03:47 am ]

[ mood | sad ]

:'( Collapse )
Cross posted on my journal

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Buh-bies. [ 30 01 10 12:44 pm ]


A few of his siblings.Collapse )

They just opened their eyes day before yesterday. ^-^


An update on the post below. [ 17 01 10 12:44 pm ]

Dinkum gave birth yesterday, but she only had one baby!!!

The smallest litter I've ever had was 7 before this, and I honestly didn't even know it was possible for a mouse to have only one baby! Will it develop normally socially? It looks healthy for now, but when Dinkum starts to leave the nest more will it be able to stay warm while she is gone?

Any thoughts/advice/comments?
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My new doe. [ 09 01 10 12:19 am ]

Her name is Dinkum.

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help! [ 17 12 09 10:21 pm ]

hi all. i'm posting for some information. my friend works at a research lab and tonight surprised me with 3 mice that were set to die on tuesday. please don't bash me for her decision, i had no idea she was planning this. now i have 3 female white mice in a laboratory cage. what do i need to be a good mouse owner? obviously, they'll need a new cage. what is best? what type of bedding? anything else i need to know? thanks so much.
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Lone mouse [ 17 12 09 12:11 am ]

I've had two mice, Zelda and Aurora, in a cage together for about a year. They got along great, slept together, ate together, and ran on the wheel together. Unfortunately, Zelda died last night. A similar incident happened to me once before, and the surviving mouse chewed himself to death in a matter of days, from boredom I'm assuming.

My question is, should I get a cagemate for Aurora? Or since she's so old and has only been with Zelda her whole life, would it be a bad idea to bring a young mouse into her cage?
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Baby is all grown up. [ 12 12 09 03:06 pm ]

This is the colored rump boy all grown up.



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Babies! [ 26 11 09 01:09 am ]

My litter of longhairs opened their eyes today!


Pictures.Collapse )
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Kaiser Karl [ 22 11 09 12:31 pm ]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello to everyone! I am a new member to this community and to LJ so I am still a noob to all this.

This is Kaiser Karl, named after Karl Lagerfeld. I am not exactly sure how old he is, but I have had him since March. This is Karl's story:
My former room mate and her boyfriend had a mutual friend that wanted a pet. They all went to a local pet store and went over to see the mice. There were two cages, and Karl was isolated from the other mice in the second cage. The friend asked why he was separated from the others and the owner of the store told him that the mice were being maimed and they had narrowed down the bully being Karl. The owner said he would give Karl away for free and all he had to purchase were the necessities. This irresponsible boy did not know what he was getting himself into, and a month later he was pleading my room mate to please keep Karl (which he had named Achilles the warrior). The day that he had bought Karl they had brought him over to our apartment and I had held him in my hands. I had never handled a mouse, but I thought he was the cutest. My room mate asked me if we could keep him and share custody, and I agreed. I renamed him Kaiser Karl because of his black and white fur, reminiscent of Lagerfeld's white hair and all black outfits. Plus Karl was very stand-offish and did not like to be held, and he would obsessively clean himself after any human contact. I liked imagining Karl having a thick German accent and being very critical. 2 months later my room mate and I were going our separate ways, and she was moving back home where she has younger siblings and in her own words, the kids would kill him. Now Karl is my one and only, but since he has such a violent past with other mice I am afraid to buy him a buddy. He seems to be very happy being alone though and I try my best to entertain him and give him as much time out of his cage as possible. I would love to have another little one though! Have any of you had a bully and have successfully introduced a cage mate?

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More pics. [ 10 11 09 02:20 pm ]

...My longhair mouse Jambi is about to explode with babies so I took some pictures of her cute fatness.

I think it's hella cute, anyways ^-^.Collapse )
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More pictures. [ 27 10 09 01:37 pm ]

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in this community... lol.

But here are some pics of my latest litter anyways.

Broken longhairs.Collapse )
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Rogers. [ 17 09 09 02:36 am ]

This is my longhair tri/quad colored longhair, Rogers. Actually, he is my boyfriend's but since I bred him and let him have Rogers I consider him mine, still. Lol.

2 picturesCollapse )


Some of my mice. [ 02 09 09 11:34 pm ]

Hey, so I got some pictures of some of my mice tonight, so I figured I'd post them. Enjoy!

Meece.Collapse )

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Mouse Depression [ 25 08 09 05:04 pm ]

[ mood | confused ]

Our one year old mouse recently lost her cagemate. How can I tell if she's depressed? How much people time does she need? She's getting about an hour or Real Time and about 3 hours of People Access a day. Also, she doesn't like attention, although she'll put up with it, so I always feel I'm being mean when I make her have People Time, but I also feel mean when I leave her all alone.


I'm not planning on having mice after she's no longer with us, so while I'm willing to get her a mate, I need a female about a year old, and haven't found any available.

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[ 13 08 09 02:06 pm ]

Allo I'm new here, but have had many mice in the past, but had not had any for a while until a few days ago.
this involves some pinkies being eaten by a lizard, but one becoming a cute little friend of mine to keep.

Read more...Collapse )

We've named him The great destroyer, from the song by NIN
but I just call him squirt. =P
He is currently napping under a corner of my comforter, and occaisionally getting up and running around learning to find his balance haha
I've been holding him more than he's been in his little temporary tupperware home
I'm going to set up his cage today :]

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promo :) [ 10 08 09 10:16 pm ]

Hey guys just promoting the new Mouse Lovers community, which is just getting up off the ground.

Hope you're well!

promoCollapse )

Respiratory Question... [ 28 07 09 11:17 am ]

Can respiratory problems in cats cause problems in mice? My cat has been sneezing a little for the last week and now we've lost one of our mice to a respiratory problem. Should I keep my cat away from the remaining mouse?
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