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Rip Death Cyborg :'(

Saturday the 6th I had to put my squishy mousie down :(

Death Cyborg lived up until close to 3 years old. She was an AWESOME mouse if I do say so myself :P
Little trouble maker, ALWAYS got into something she shouldnt.
She was a SPOIL ROTTEN mouse. LOL

Last week I noticed her slowing down: Not eating/drinking as much as she usually does.
                                                                      Not climbing in her little pouch thing on the top of her cage
                                                                      Sleeping ALL the time, barely moving
                                                                      Her fur wasnt as 'nice' as it usually was.
                                                                      She was getting HUGE (Tumor crossed my mind a few times, which made me want to take her to the vet.).
It was heartbreaking to watch her, the last night I held her as long as she wanted; which turned out to be more then 2 hours. (*DAMN, getting teary eyed*) She sat in my sleeve just laying about, she perked up to crawl around me lol

Next day I took her to the vet. The vet took a look at her said she might have a tumor in her stomace. She just didnt LOOK right anymore. After a few minutes I decided to put her down.  There was another option but it was a slim to nil chance it would even work, so putting her down was the best option :'(
The vet was VERY supportive and they are giving me a little memorial with her little footie prints running on them :')

R.I.P. Squishy Mousie AKA Death Cyborg <333 
                        You are now with Noodles fighting over your ball again <3

(And.. yes, I admit to have cried like a baby writing this 8) :'P)


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