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Hi - New Member!

Hello! I'm Kris and I just joined. I have two female mice, Taurus and Capricorn. I have one male mouse, Scorpio. I had mice many years ago I adopted from a reputable breeder but she has since moved. My friend's little brother wanted to return his male mouse to the snake shop so I decided I'd take him in. I tossed the kritter keeper and used an old tank. I had an old 29 gallon tank from when I had a betta and decided to buy two females from Petsmart.

I think one of my mice may be preggers but I doubt it. She's from Petsmart and they only sell females. It might be because she's overweight from the diet they were giving her - lots of sunflower seeds. I've switched them to a high quality gerbil/hamster food.

I love them! Capricorn looks like a Siamese and Scorpio is a fawn colored mouse!

This is Taurus. She is a black mouse with tan ears and a white 'belt' shape around her waist. Sorry! She's young and very hyper so getting a good picture has been difficult.

This is my 29 tall US gallon tank.

This is my 10 gallon tank for Scorpio.

Scorpio (new pic)

I will try to get some cute pictures of my mice to share :) They're adorable. Do you like my setup?
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